Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

We are in the midst of the second zombie wave in popular culture. They have been popular before, and were abandoned, and so shall be again. Be prepared for the coming end of zombies in pop culture by learning all you can now, while access to these brilliant films is easy!

We'll be meeting every week to watch a zombie movie and then hang out and talk about it, and whatever else we feel like. From serious to hilarious, zombie movies have a lot to offer and there are a lot of them. Therefore, we won't be having a limit as to how many weeks this runs. Who knows, it might end up going forever. All that's for sure is that we start with Night of the Living Dead and go from there.

There are also things one can do which are zombie-like. We can study make-up or survival gear. Why not go to a gun range and work on our head-aim? All other suggestions are welcome, of course.

Teacher: David Kellerman and Christian Greer
Time, date, location TBD based on convenience
Cost: Share what you can for the enjoyment of the group

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