Worker Owner Academy

The people who work in a worker-cooperative own and manage the firm. In this practical training, people looking to employ their skills in productive work will learn how to set that business up as a worker-owned and -managed corporation.
There are three phases to this start-up opportunity.

First, in late May or early June, Corvid will host a Worker-Co-op idea Fair.

Second, At the Monday session of the National Worker Cooperative Conference here in Boston, the college plays a workshop on forming local worker-owned businesses. First steps will be taken to design the specific coops that people have in mind.

Last, and continuing for some weeks and possibly months, a Sunfall term weekly course will meet as the workers get started setting up the business.

Cost: tbd
Location: Somerville and Northeastern University
Schedule: (see above)
Teachers: Jim Johnson (Democracy at Work Network), Stacey Cordero (DAWN), Eric Buck, Corvid College

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