Warming Term 2011 Proposed courses

Circle One: Thematic Courses

Corvid College ROTC

Teacher: erik with a k

Alternatives in Labor Organizing 1865-1948

Teacher: Steve Kellerman

Disability Studies Reading Group

Facilitators: Nic and Nicole

Introductory course to Basic Aikido Principles and Techniques (under way)

Teacher: Pasqualino Colombaro

From Idea to Thing, Reading Group about Design and Development

Facilitator: Maida Tilchen

Science and Freedom

Teacher: David Kellerman

Biomimicry Blitz, a reading group

Facilitator: Lenni Armstrong

Drawing to See, Visual Manipulation

Teacher:Thomas Hart

Circle Two: (returning in fall!)

Circle Three: Global Great Books

Homer, Joyce, Kazantzakis. Odysseys

Teacher: Eric Buck

Inhabiting the Chuang-tzu

Teacher: Eric Buck

A Short Jaunt with The Hobbit … with hiking

Teacher: Christian Greer

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