Untitled Writer's Cypher

With the Untitled Writer’s Cypher we hope to create a space to explore hip-hop culture as a tool for transformation. Artists who identify with the aesthetics of hip hop can connect through ciphering, writing workshops and sharing best practices for creating life-affirming experiences. Points of inspiration will be shared from various media through sampling and collage. We hope to develop our skills as artists while simultaneously using those skills to develop new visions for ourselves and our communities. We seek to create a supportive but challenging space that actively confronts and transforms the systems/dynamics of oppression and fosters opportunities for learning, healing and growth. As our practice develops we will collectively identify group rituals to ground our community. Our learning, as with our survival, is a collaborative effort. In the circle of the cypher we co-create our experiences. We envision participants taking turns presenting/facilitating meetings of the cypher.

In addition to our personal and collective growth we would hope to create tangible results of our communion. This could take the form of show, mixtapes, zines, a regular open mic, theatre pieces, graffiti pieces, fundraisers, funraisers, house parties, films, podcasts, radio shows, installations, a record label- whatever our minds can dream up and our hands, mouths, and hearts have the will to bring into being.

This is our vision as initiators of this project but in the words of Sam Siedel (author of Hip-Hop Genius:Remixing High School Education) “The hip-hop genius approach to education [or the world!] is that no structure or convention should be viewed as unchangeable” We hope that participants will help us develop this project to its fullest potential.

We plan to meet every other Saturday for two hours starting Saturday January 12 at 1pm.

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