Tom Hart's Masked Society aka Level ^!

My classes are based on three levels of commitment to art and its creation. This course is strictly for the hardcore, the other classes are for the casual or serious artist. The traditional methods of approaching, creating, buying/selling, displaying and consuming art have become corrupted, irrelevant and have robbed art of it's power. Art itself feels limited due to the system it operates under($$$$$) and how our(usa) society defines it, as something we put in a frame and hang in a gallery to be bought or sold by the rich, after it is given the approval of the gatekeepers of culture or art is the plastering of images on cheap garbage made in sweatshops in china so one can pass as a hipster, I feel i must diss-Obey. Artists vie with each other for that golden ticket, and most are doomed by this system to a life of broke-ass-ness, marginalization and frustration. Marks made by humans do have power, our eyes and brains try to decipher the meaning in words and images made by others(which is why advertising and commercials are so effective, and grafitti isn't really anything new{ cave paintings are old as sin}, and had purposes beyond just self-promotion), and that these marks or words can have value beyond mere dollars and cents(though that's not how it's consumed at present, unfortunately). I feel it is time to reassert that power, value and meaning that art can have. A movement is an insufficient word to describe this task, besides those are for our bowels. Cult has too many negative connotations and require leaders, messiahs or martyrs, i have no interest in being any of those things, and don't recommend drinking that cool-aid. I am proposing a society of artists dedicated to waging war against the current system art is filtered through by any and all means necessary, mostly guerilla art, happenings and the like. This project will require both artists of all colors and stripes,(not just the visual) and enablers, of all levels of abilities and skillz, that is to say: we need not share same vision or dreams beyond making art that has passion and relevance, I will not tell you what to make or how to make it, yr vision is your own, but perhaps our goals are the same and unless we smash this world's shell, many creatives and artists will die without being born. Contact me in person if possible, membership must be approved, serious inquiries only,(unless yr really fucking funny and make me laugh ;), membership can be public or secret, and you may drop out at any time if you want to sell-out or pursue different goals, that's yr choice, mine has already been made. This world's definition of art and the role it plays in our lives seems uninteresting and weaksauce to me, and kinda flat-out wrong. Let's make a new one together and change the fucking game! Level ^! thank you for playing, push start to continue.——Tom Hart

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