Tom Hart

Circa 1977, still in my original package but a work in progress. I am a human animal, neo-primitist but willing to use all tools at my disposal (talkin to you cell phone and computer!), who graduated from art school with a useless painting bfa with honors(not bragging, just think it's amusing and telling of institutions as i attended about half my classes, and a painting degree is pretty useless in this world). I believe that ideas are weapons, love is power and we should make art that fucking matters. contact moc.elleyhcim|mot#moc.elleyhcim|mot, check out and for more examples/explanations, or simply go to Lorem Ipsum, Inman Sq. Weds 6-8pm and be a part of my Drawing to See, Drawing to Live class, and meet me in the flesh. You can also check out my work at the Massart Made store, Green-side Up Gallery, Hubba-Hubba or D. all of the above. Drop-ins and drop-outs always welcomed, my classes are free and no one will ever be turned away based on $$$$, but donations of materials or money would most def be accepted (and would also be a fucking first, as they haven't been forth-coming). Just because something is free, does not mean it lacks value.


boston from memory, pen and ink, 2010

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