Theology Cosmology Ontology

The room to ask a question must be demanded among rivals in the linguistic space; the rivals include politicos, parents, entertainers, marketers. The question is, besides oneself, what is there?

Previously, the rivals were tribal leaders and other popes and pastors.
Sometimes the rivals were stargazers.
The philosophical came into every generation.

Approach this course as possibilities for performance, like poetry slams, dance, or concerts.

In this course we'll examine a theological answer, a cosmological answer, and an ontological one.
Barth's Church Dogmatics, v. 2.1, The Doctrine of God
Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order
Spinoza's Ethics
At least, that's the idea, but the books may change.

Here're others
Whitehead and Bergson - Deity (not only mind) emerges from matter

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