The Questions

Both a program and a non-program (because it is a form of independent study), The Questions program is our most rigorous form of education. It requires both great vision and long persistence. It is not for the impatient.

It is independent in that the student is free to conduct the study against the backdrop of any kind of ordinary life anywhere in the world. It's studious in that the question demands long periods and practiced variation, drawing all phenomena down to a single point of thought: the answer.

Here is a chance to investigate a single question over the course of hundreds of days.

  1. Students begin the one- two- three- or four-year study in conference with the teacher in the fourth, third, second, or first year in the Logos Tao Deus programs.
  2. Here the question is formulated.
  3. Next she makes a plan for the first year — including all aspects of her life.
  4. She then sets out to answer the question burning in her mind. Every year she produces a written account of her discoveries for intermediate consultations with her teachers. During this period, the student may stay put or may travel, may work or spend all day reading, may start social ventures or become a solitary.
  5. At the end of four years, she presents her findings to the public in a celebratory lecture.

Take a gander at the Question Library: the All Souls one's come from All Souls Oxford, and are part of a vast list (90 pages) of such questions in philosophy, history, classics, economics, politics, and more that have been saved.

Question List.docx

All Souls Philosophy questions.pdf

All Souls oneword essay.docx

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