The Paradise Lost Project

Last spring we read Paradise Lost out loud to each other around wine and discussion. We intended to put on a puppet show based on the material at the end of the course. Alas, this was a greater commitment than we could realize. We decided to put on only one scene, the scene in which Satan tempts Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, and to have an entire course in the fall devoted to the puppet show. This is that class!

The show we put on will take place some time in late November or early December. We will begin at the end of September, so we will have some weeks to prepare. As part of the class last spring, we were able to raise quite a bit of money, and so we have a fairly large budget to put on this show. A good deal of planning has already been done, as well, but there is plenty of room for everyone's input. The final result should be highly democratic.

Come and join a bunch of people who have never put on a puppet show as we attempt to figure out how to do it! Nobody's in charge, this class is anarchy in action, an example of what can be achieved with no authority!

Hosted by: hopefully most of the people who were in the last class
Time, date, and location TBD based on convenience

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