The Eight Circuit Brain

In this course we will over the model developed by Tim Leary and then Robert Anton Wilson and contained in The Eight-Circuit Brain by Antero Alli.

This theory can help to explain why humans act and think as we do both individually and collectively, part of why cultures and people think that they differ from each other when they have a lot in common or think that they have a lot in common when they differ from each other. It goes into the contradiction of brutal violence and artistic and intellectual sophistication coexisting in the same person or the same civilization.

Rather than attempt to explain this model more, I will let him to the introduction.

We will go over the chapters of the book and do the exercises. If you would like a copy of the book itself, I copy for you descriptions of the exercises or you can order it from a bookstore or from Antero Alli himself at Vertical Pool. But don't think you have to have a copy of the book. If you don't get it I will do the explainin'.

The class would begin in the second week of June (or later if that time does not work for you) and go on for seven more weeks. You can contact me at ryubyss at yahoo dot com. Because I will go on a road trip from now until the first week in June, I can't get back to anybody right away.

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