The Conversion Of Corvid College

Corvid is currently a plurality of teachers with no serious ties to one another. They run into each other three times a year and offer courses without relation. It is also a plurality of students with even less expectation of relations among them. In a bad way, there’s nothing much to Corvid College. But we had dreamt of something else.

A continual effort to design educational opportunities, Corvid is again seeking to become an educational community, organized cooperatively, meaning shared ownership by the teachers. This will entail most notably having a location in which the bulk of activities and numerous informal encounters occur, programs that concentrate and simplify education, but continued freedom from bureaucracy, regulation, and greed. We want to put education at the heart of contemplative community, and reflective, intellectual life at the heart of education.

To make this transition the sole remaining founder requires at least two additional teachers willing to become teacher-owners, program organizers, and caretakers of the college. Such teachers are to be community members first, and teachers second. They will have responsibility for the college in its most general conditions. They must be liberal in learning, contemplative and optimistic as readers, and eternalists in philosophy.

Ownership is meant in both senses, the aspect of self-determinatino and the aspect of responsibility and care.

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