The Concept Of Tiqqun

Tiqqun is a French Philosophical journal that has been translated into English and has become very popular in radical circles over the past several years. It has been described as post-situationist social theory relevant to modern insurrection. Some have described it as on primary theory of communization and Tiqqun themselves discuss being somewhere between literature and theory. They critique many standard philosophical thinkers and draw inspiration from Giorgio Agamben.

Various members of Tiqqun went on to co-author The Coming Insurrection.

During this study group we will study excerpts from the collections of Essays published by Semiotexte/MIT press which include Introduction to Civil War and This is not a Program as well as other texts available online.

Teacher: Dave Whelpley
Meeting Date: To be determined with students
Meeting Time: To be determined with students
Meeting Space: To be determined with students

Email: moc.liamg|faeljp#moc.liamg|faeljp for questions and to express your interest

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