The Anthropology Of Everyday Whatever

This class will be an exploration of various resources, things and concepts used on an everyday basis such as water, electricity, food, shelter and education. The most literal and direct questions (i.e. Where does Boston tap water come from?) will lead to a more complex understanding of relationships between resources, people, ideas and the planet (i.e. How were reservoirs created, and who did they displace? What kinds of perceptual precedents were brought about by the debates over whether or not Boston should have a municipal water system?) I want to look the ways in which patterns of extraction, production and consumption relate to overarching perceptions, paradigms and policies (i.e. How does the creation of Boston's water system relate and differ from various water conflicts happening throughout the planet?).

class structure Each broader subject will be broken up into 3 classes- the first will be information-based, the second experience-based, and the third project-based. I want to not only discuss the historical origins and present day nuances of commonplace consumption, but also bring people on field trips to relevant places (like waste water treatment plants, reservoirs, grocery stores/distribution centers and their dumpsters, power plants, urban homesteads) and help/experiment with projects that can circumvent or at least lessen the use of detrimental systems (like greywater, rainwater catchment, solar, bikes, bike generators, cultivating, foraging and preserving food, portable shelters, work-trade contact lists and an examination of squatting laws).

schedule the schedule is amorphous and is decided upon week-by-week depending on everyone's availability. if you're interested just send me an email and i'll let you know when the next class is happening.
location the location varies depending on spatial availability and relevance to whatever we're studying - so far, we tend to meet in people's homes and community gardens
fees none! share if you can/want to, but don't worry about it
teacher olivia b

drop-ins are totally welcome, as are drop-outs! Come to whatever you want whenever you want and don't feel at all obligated to stick with it.

feel free to email with any questions!
p i z z a m a n f a n (at) g m a i l . c o m , without all the spaces.

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