Teaching and Community Design Studio

An Eternal Course

Are you a teacher? Looking for a context to think about teaching? How about a design studio?

This is an ongoing class. Current participants are teachers in diverse settings, a variety that stimulates living thought about education.

The practice is to research and develop essential components of a life-long community school. We call it School as Hometown. The goal is two-fold: first to fully flesh out the language of patterns/components so that anyone could take the language and, following its sequence, set up a school for everyone in a town. Second, we plan to deliver the language to the architect who developed the method of design that we are using.

New participants will receive instruction in the use of pattern languages and will be caught up on our progress so far.

This is a very convivial group, hosted by two teachers at their home, providing dinner for each class. If you are interested in educational philosophies, and committed to improving educational processes, this class is for you. We think about teaching in tandem with community, which is the proper condition for education. We begin by going to the conceptual roots, and rejecting, as Corvid does, the official and bureaucratic answers about how education should go. We begin with what a human is and what it is for a human being to grow.

Schedule: Meets monthly on Saturdays. Actual date arranged at each class. Next meeting is June 2nd, from 3-6 pm.
Location: teachers' living room in Union Square of Somerville. Contact a teacher for details.
Cost: pay what you can, but suggested contribution is $15/hour of class time per student.
Teachers: Eric Buck & Betti Brewer

enroll, or contact ebuck (at) CorvidCollege (dot) org.

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