Teaching and Community (begins in early October)

This course meets monthly and is for teachers of any persuasion. It functions as a discussion group, based on ideas from the readings. The point is to articulate one's own philosophy and values about teaching and its relation not only to students but to the community of those with nothing in common, but their mortality. So here's a motivating question: since we all die, and no one knows the future, why bother with formal teaching, why develop the art of teaching in the teacher?
Second aspect: a Sociatectural design of an ideal school in a community, a school where learning can occur for people of any age.

Run by a founder of Corvid College …. Eric Buck

Reading: The Courage to Teach, by Parker Palmer
Location: t.b.d.
Schedule: three hours monthly on Saturday, worked out with interested students
Cost: $30 per meeting, with the usual accommodations

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