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The reading and exam schedule has been REVISED!

REVISED Reading, Exam, & Assignment Schedule REVISED

Week One
T Sep 3 - Intro – policies and course information, introductory talk, questions. Handout religious stories prompt.
R Sep 5 Reading to prepare for class: Prothero, introduction and conclusion, Novak’s preface. Religious Stories; handout to be provided.
T Sep 10 Reading to prepare for class: Prothero chapter on Hinduism and Novak 1-24 (a founding major religion),
R Sep 12 – (Begin reading Duncan’s The River Why. Must complete first half by October 22.)
Week Three - HINDUISM
T Sep 17 Hinduism the mystical Novak Bhagavad-Gita and Grace Notes (24-48)
R Sep 19 Cp. Gita and Isa Upanishad
Week Four - BUDDHISM
T Sep 24 Reading to prepare: Prothero and Novak chapters on Buddhism (a descendant major religion)
R Sep 26 –
T Oct 1 First chapters of The River Why
R Oct 3
T Oct 8 Reading to prepare: Prothero and Novak chapters on Confucianism (as primitive humanist Way-ism)
R Oct 10 First exam: Hinduism and Buddhism (part of class only)
Week Seven - TAOISM
T Oct 15 Reading to prepare: Prothero and Novak chapters on Daoism (a derivative middling religion)
Due in class: Inward Project choice of activity
R Oct 17
Week Eight - ZEN
T Oct 22 Reading to prepare: Prothero (190-193) and Novak (95-103) on Zen (as child of Buddhism and Taoism – a global minor religion)
R Oct 24 Zen film
Week Nine - JUDAISM
T Oct 29 Reading to prepare: Prothero and Novak chapters on Judaism (founding middling religion).
Due in class Inwardness Project plan
R Oct 31 Second Exam Part 1: Confucianism, Taoism, Zen, and Part 2: The River Why, first two books
Week Ten - JUDAISM
T Nov 5 reading to prepare: Novak Talmud and Grace notes (213-226): Judaism the mystical.
R Nov 7
T Nov 12 Reading to prepare: Prothero and Novak on Christianity (descendant major religion)
R Nov 14 Discuss ¾ of The River Why. Watch FILM: Into Great Silence.
T Nov 19 reading to prepare: Novak (264-279) Grace Notes on Christianity
R Nov 21
Week Thirteen - ISLAM
T Nov 26 Reading to prepare: Prothero and Novak chapters on Islam (derivative major religion)
R Nov 28 NO CLASS - Thanksgiving
Week Fourteen - ISLAM
T Dec 3 readings to prepare: Grace Notes on Islam. Sufism.
R Dec 5
Week Fifteen - ATHEISM
T Dec 10 Reading to prepare: Prothero on Atheism.
R Dec 12 Shinto
Inwardness Project must be completed by Sun Dec 15
Third & Final Exam on (1) Judaism, Christianity, Islam and (2) The River Why. Thursday Dec 19 3:30-5:30 pm. Inwardness Project write-up due at final exam.

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