Sunreturn Term 2012

These course are part of Corvid College Night at Encuentro 5, on Thursdays, 6:30-9:30 pm

Know Your Philosophical Saints. Spinoza

What is a saint good for? For getting to the marrow of life in the midst of nature, or Reality. Philosophical saints are models of this marrow-borne life and original thinkers of the first rank. They speak for Being.

M.A. Bakunin and the Origins of Modern Anarchism

The second in a program of courses on radical and labor history.

A Tour of Natural Science

An introduction to the basic laws of the universe.

Street Art Class

The goal of this class is to enable and discover artists for the purpose of creating permitted & commissioned work. All activities of this class are 100% legal and no participant will permanently deface, tag, or vandalize public or private property during or after class.

Biomimicry Blitz

3.8 billion years of design brilliance is waiting for you. All you need to do is open your eyes and mind.

Helluva Helmet!

Want to look stylin' as you bicycle around the town? Or do you want to send a message to your community that bicycling is about more than spandex-clad advertising! Join this hands-on workshop create your own bicycling helmet fashion or political statement!

Money Matters Pattern Language: A Local Economy Working Group

Continuing and expanding last term's economy design group. If you're interested in forming an idea of local economy and detailing it using a people's design method, check us out.

Queer Theory and its Discontents: An Ironic Introduction

This course traces the situated development of queer theory, and posits its future as a field.

Teaching and Community Design Studio

Building a Pattern Language to design the School as Hometown. We're serious. Meets monthly. Grapple with education concepts through design.

Social Movements and Social Change

Taught by one of Encuentro 5's founders. Also part of E5's DuBois Forum.

History of Anarchism as a Revolutionary Movement 1800ish-1939

An overview of anarchism as a philosophical and social movement from its inception in the early nineteenth century to its climax as a revolutionary force in the Spanish Revolution of the late 1930s. Meets weekly.

Drawing to See, Drawing to Live

The gateway drug of visual art, hang out and draw!

Corvid College Writing Workshop

Like to write? Want to share your writing and get feedback from other writerly folk? This is the place for you! Meets weekly, Tuesdays 6-8 @ Lorem Ipsum Books.

Planeswalker's Drinking Group

How to play and enjoy Magic: The Gathering with friends. Part of the Corvid "Drinking Circle" series of courses.

Games Without Frontiers

Narrative tabletop roleplaying games. Polaris, My Life With Master and the like. Contact ryubyss at yahoo dot com. (Page to possibly follow.)

+++ Hey Kids, Let’s Post a Show: Creating an Online Film Series
Helping artists and performers create their own internet experiences.

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