Sunfall Term 2011

Independent Studies: Design your own program of study

Two possibilities this fall: Freestyle and the Four-Year Question. Details here.


Global Great Books 1a POSTPONED.

"A great deal of time must often pass in order for the contours of the truth , in art as in history, to be revealed." Daniel Mendelsohn NYRB 9.29.11

The Paradise Lost Project

We're putting on a puppet show based on Paradise Lost, Milton's epic poem about the downfall of both Satan and Man. This is a continuation of the Paradise Lost class put on during the spring.

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Watch zombie movies, discuss why they're good (or, more likely, bad in a good way), engage in various zombie-based projects, and hang out with zombie-minded people.

Planeswalker's Drinking Group

How to play and enjoy Magic: The Gathering with friends. Part of the Corvid "Drinking Circle" series of courses.

Strong Apathy, or the Politics of Whatever

A seminar series on apathy, the themes of which will include corporatized compassion, activated indifference, and the basics of burnout theory.

Money Matters. Or Does It?: a philosophy of money

Oral Messages, A reading of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "Coney Island of the Mind."

Adventures in Homebrewing

Teaching and Community

Drawing to See

Art School is for Suckers!

Tom Hart's Masked Society

The Great Charter School Debate

Making the Most of Your Time!: POSTPONED

Walking with Whitman, or, Corvid College Hiking Club II

Biomimicry Blitz

3.8 billion years of design brilliance is waiting for you. All you need to do is open your eyes and mind.

--Helluva Helmet!-- POSTPONED

Want to look stylin' as you bicycle around the town? Join this hand-on workshop create your own bicycling helmet fashion statement!

Collaborative Problem Solving

Solve problems in policy, design, building on-the-cheap, law, social justice, or whatever else with other likeminded (or not-so-likeminded!) individuals.

Chinese Language POSTPONED due to lack of interest.

Total beginners to intermediates welcome, an individualized course that can cover the basics of verbal communication to study techniques and tools to acquire reading and writing proficiency. Karaoke optional!

Requested Courses

Describe your ideal class, or request something to be taught on the link above!

Study/Book Group Shoutouts

Have an idea or desire for a book or study group or maybe for collaborative research? Feel free to give a shoutout onthelinked page!

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