Sunfall Term proposed courses

Starting dates from September 15, 2010

1. Cyberpunk: Postmodernism[s], High Beams, and Low Lives

Teacher: Christian Greer

2. Building the City Together: Chris Alexander's Theory and Method

Teacher: Eric Buck

3. Social Practices, Social Theories, Social Changes: A Research Swarm

Teacher: Eric Buck

4. Uncontrived: The Anarchy of Goodman, Illich, Sennett, and Daoism

Teacher: Eric Buck

5. Metaphysics of Anarchy, or Life is Process

Teacher: Eric Buck

6. Moral and ethical limits of Democratic decision-making

Teacher: Pasqualino Colombaro

7. Aikido and the principle of non-violent non-resistance

Teacher: Pasqualino Colombaro

8. Building sustainable economic alternatives

Teacher: Pasqualino Colombaro

9. Situationism 101

Teacher: Christian Greer

9.1 Summer Is a State of Mind We Have Year Round!

Teacher: Christian Greer

10. The American vs. the European model of labor relations

Teacher: Pasqualino Colombaro

11. Living Without Employment, a get-to-know-Corvid class!

moderator: Eric Buck

12. Religion and its Fringes: Occultists, Discordians, Goofy Sufis, and Sub-genii

Teacher: Christian Greer

13. Looking At The Sacco Vanzetti Case The uses and meaning of history for anarchists

Moderator, Bob D'Attilio of the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society.

14. Polyamory Politics The politics and landscape of ethical non-monogamy

Teacher: Dennis Fox

15. Queer Erotics of Writing, a workshop

Teacher: Dylan

16. Know Your Rights

What to do when forced to deal with law enforcement. With Adrienne and Jason!

17. Non-Traditional Music Concepts

Teachers: Andrew Morehart and Bradley Will

18. Let's Talk about Black Holes

Teacher: David Kellerman

19. Visual Manipulation: Stay alert, stay alive

Teacher: Tom Hart

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