Summer is a State of Mind We Have Year Round

Have you ever heard the term 'lifestyle anarchism'? It is meant as a slur and is often used by stuffy cranks, dogmatic purists, and haters in general. This course will do/read/watch/eat/drink/sing… everything the aforementioned and glum grey-faces want to do away with, namely, everything that makes the anarchist life a blast and revolutionary. Without giving too much away, this class will explore zine culture (PAPERCUT!), insurrection samizdat, the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville underground, guerrilla gardening, various forms of illegalism, pranks & detourment, and things like dumpstering and counter-culturalism and its discontents (like hipsterdom and other social groups).

Part Anthopology, Sociology, field-trip, book club, motor-cycle gang, and cult: this course is destined to ruin your life.

Method/Procedures: shared inquiry, close readings
Schedule: beginning-middle of Sept.
Location: Boston/Cambridge/Somerville, MA
Fees: negotiable
Teacher: Christian Greer

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