Strong Apathy: The Politics of Whatever

A seminar series on apathy, the themes of which will include corporatized compassion, activated indifference, and the basics of burnout theory.


Why apathy? Well, here are few non-points:

Weak Foundation
The aims of an apathy course are not clear, in part because apathy complicates trajectory and clarity.

Vague Elaboration
Apathy mounts a defense against regulatory systems veiled in the pretense of 'caring'.

Confusing Explanation
Apathy aspires at a positionless position from which to examine the presumable objects at which care is normatively directed: family/future, nation/empire, value/commodity. To put it in exceptionally convoluted terms, apathy imperils a prevailing familio-socio-economic system that promotes conception, construction, and profit.

Unsatisfying Conclusion
Dissent through disinterest – that is the presumed claim of this course – not a challenge to care itself, but a consideration of how care functions as an apparatus of state and corporate power.

Class begins Monday, November 7, and will run for four more sessions, organized loosely along the following subjects:

Stoicism & the Ethics of Apathy
Literalism & the Aesthetics of Apathy
Cybernetics & Cyborg Subjectivity
Situationism & the Aim of Aimlessness [dérive pt. deux]

Readings will include Donna Haraway, William Gibson, Guy Debord, Tao Lin, Deleuze and Seneca.

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