Street Art Class

Free course on street art. Each class will teach you how to do something new, and will have an open discussion on the week's philosophy topic. Students are asked to bring what's listed in Supplies. Extra Credit is to be done before the class takes place. The 1st hour of each class will be for discussion and practice. The 2nd hour will be for 'live action.' The goal of this class is to enable and spotlight unknown artists. No participant will permanently deface, tag, or vandalize public or private property. The goal is to gain public space for street art via permitted & commissioned work, donated by local businesses and private property owners.

Jan 20 2012
Class 1: Stickers
Philosophy: The Value of Creativity & Cleverness in Society
Practice: Custom Stickers
Supplies: stickers (blank, hand-made or pre-made), markers, paint markers, electrical tape, duct tape, painters tape
Extra Credit: /expired/
Live Action: Walkabout, observation and discussion of local graffiti

Feb 03 2012
Class 2: Advertisements
Philosophy: Money's Free Speech vs People's Free Speech
Practice: How to modify someone's piece. How to cope with getting yours modified.
Supplies: Paint markers, Dry-Erase Markers, Advertisements
Extra Credit: Bring in Extra Large, High-Quality, Corporate Banners/Posters
Live Action: Dry-Erase marker on outdoor Bus Stop Ads

Feb 17 2012
Class 3: Murals (Wheat Paste)
Philosophy: State Law & Street Law
Practice: Cooking Wheat Paste / Planning Ahead vs Spontaneous Murals
Supplies: Printed Images, Scissors, Paint Rollers/Lg Brushes, Plywood/Canvas
Extra Credit: Donating Mural Boards
Live Action: Create Mural

Mar 02 2012
Class 4: Murals (Spray Paint)
Philosophy: Long-term Street Art Opportunities // Modern Fine Art
Practice: Spray Can Control / Planning Ahead vs Spontaneous / Stencils
Supplies: Spray Paint, Face Mask/Bandana, Gloves, Plywood/Canvas / Cardboard
Extra Credit: Donating Mural Boards
Live Action: Create Mural

Mar 16 2012
Class 5: Parties
Philosophy: Partying Too Little vs Partying Too Much
Practice: Creating Art in a Party Environment
Supplies: Food, Booze (21+), Art
Extra Credit: Sweet Music
Live Action: Hell yeah

More Subjects TBA…

Follow-Up: The course will repeat. Returning students may continue where they left off. Commissioned work depends on the quality of the pieces generated by this class. The instructor reserves the right to refuse lessons to any person, at any time.

Schedule: Occurring bi-weekly Fridays 7pm in Various Locations
Location: For Exact Address Email: ten.puesir|xovil#ten.puesir|xovil
Cost: No charge - Just buy (me) supplies and come prepared

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