Street Art 10

Street Art 10
Legal and Permitted

The new semester is not a repeat of the last semester ( and none of the subjects will be reviewed. Practice from previous semester is not necessary for a continuation in the course.

0th Half: Will alternate weekly between Planning and Executing/Documenting SA10 projects. Each student will have the chance to present an original idea. The class provides the manpower/resources to carry it out.

1st Half: Will be focused on creating a SA10 portfolio, complete with:
SA10 Logo
Mission Statement (what we will do)
Anti-Mission Statement (what we wont do)
Individual Artist Page (of each student)
Successful SA10 Projects
StreetArt vs Graffitti Explanation / Evolution / Protection
Business Proposal for Outdoor Murals / Pricing / Donations

2nd Half: Will be focused on POOPs (Property Owning Old People)
Create a Log of POOPs (business/address/phone#/contactname/status)
Communicating with POOPs (what to say when presenting SA10 to POOPs)
Booking SA10 Calendar (we invent our own job field)

This semesters class is full.
Questions? Email kindlingfreedom at live . com

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