Street Art 10

Why Street Art 10?
The Street Art 10 artists add the creative element to Boston+. That undefinable human element found in; web comics, poetry, photographs, paintings, lyrics, clothing, furniture, motor transportation, and all art production.
You see, modern day living has met all our needs. Buildings, sidewalks and streets are all fully functional. They've replaced what used to the irreplaceable presence of nature. Trees, skylines and fields had their sense appeal too. They were there to calm you. Currently our massive steel structures and dirty street corners offer us no such effects. The aesthetics of the city doesn't suggest enJOYment of the lives we've styled. It provides us with no cause to pause and admire. Moments like these are necessary to one's well-being.
Well, this is what Street Art 10 creates for Boston+. The city, like a brain, needs both the logical left hemisphere and imaginative right to yield the greatest growth, health, education and art metropolitian America has to offer.
With that said, SA10 gives opportunity to the artists that already live in the city. It establishes order in respect to boundaries, culture, and property. It observes of the history of grafitti and documents its change in growth, pattern, and placement locally. It networks with business and building owners who provide exterior mural space for a modern art form to florish. It cooperates with established 501c3's to receive donations for art supplies. It opens doors for the individual artist. It supports the pillars of community structure. Community is a priceless resource. As is the environment. Even the urban environment. The goal of Street Art 10 is to inspire, create, appreciate.

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