Social Practices, Social Theories, Social Changes

We will investigate the process qualities of the world, especially the social world, the world of interactions, relations, exchanges, movement, grouping, dispersing, values carriage, and so on.
The conception of social life and individual life turns on the dynamic, which is to say the motional and transactional. Social entities and separate individuals are understood to be actively constituted through movement and transaction.
The point is to produce a theoretical toolbox for use in social design and transformation, and in styling one's necessarily social existence.
The product is a wiki website.

  1. A theory of Denizen Sociality – derived from Schatzki
    1. Gathering and leave-taking
      1. And so, values carriage (ethics as)
      2. Denizenography (denizen demographics)
  2. Socio-individuality (companion individuality) – developed from daodejing. Experience is not a part of the social, as Luhmann says, but stories of experience are, and so in a secondary way is the experience they put into play), and no social theory that ignores or excludes stories and experience is a full social theory. Stories of experience are one of the forms that the carriage of values takes.
    1. Refreshment – activity and rest, but also values carriage
    2. Overflow
  3. How to participate in changing the social, or in the on-going changing that is the social.
    1. Be the change you want to see (politically, prefigurative)
    2. Reform through policy
    3. Secessionary construction
      1. Secession
      2. Conversion (not reform)
        1. Scope of concern

Model research programs: Michel de Certeau on Everyday Life; WikiEthica
Readings from among: Theodore Schatzki, Pierre Bourdieu, Michael Oakeshott, Jurgen Habermas, David Hall, Giovanni Baldelli, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, William James, Rebecca Solnit, Todd May, Agnes Heller, Michel de certeau, Spinosa-Flores-and-Dreyfus, Martin Heidegger, Hannah arendt, Richard Sennett, Randall Collins, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone.
Teacher: Eric Buck
Schedule: TBD by email
Location: Union Square, Somerville
Fees: Negotiable (including barter), but $12/hour of class meeting per student will be my opening proposal

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