Social Design Studios

This term the social design studios will combine into one series of courses, each topic meeting once monthly, with the fourth week a general study of social life.

The guiding philosophy here has negative and positive expressions: there is no use in trying to build protest or revolutionary movements to change society. Society is not that sort of thing. Instead, secede your energies, affections, and thought from the system, while staying physically within it, and construct new exemplars of beneficial old ideas. Like a cooperatively owned and managed college. Like a residential traveling theater company. Like a worker-owned recycled-glass bottle manufacturing plant.

Local Economy

School as Hometown

Ethics as Social Practice: WikiEthica

Interested in making social conditions flow in another direction? Try the Pattern Language approach, which is secessionary-constructive by definition.
There are different ways to participate in this 3-in-1 social design studio. All branches meet on Thursday.

  1. Choose one design branch: economics, education, ethics. One meeting per month.
  2. Attend two or three design branches. two or three meetings per month.
  3. Attend only or also the social design theory meeting. An additional meeting per month.

It will take place on Thursday evenings.
The cost is $15/class meeting/student, no exceptions.
Space will be limited to 6 people per sector, except for the theory meeting. To save a spot, please send a deposit of $30 to—

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