Situationism, the Metropolis, and Wheatpasting

This one-day workshop will bring students and teachers from all over Corvid to:

A) Get together and feel fun
B) Hear an introduction to Situationism
C) Learn how to wheatpaste
D) Do some wheatpasting

Sounds fun, no? Plus, not only will you get to take some DIY art home, you will also be a part of Corvid's first art happening as we take to the city after class!

The date is Aug. 14!
Starting at 2pm and ending in the evening
The location depends on how many people sign up so don't hesitate to enroll ASAP!

Method/Procedures: Hands On Learning
Schedule: Late July
Location: Corvid West
Fees: 10$ Suggested Donation / ~sliding scale~
Teacher: Christian Greer et. al.

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