Corvid as Model

Corvid is a college but is simultaneously a model that can be copied, modified, and enacted in your own locale. It is, more precisely, a repeatable group action and an intervention in the educational situation you find yourself in. There's no reason that any related plurality of people cannot bring about change that matters in how teaching and learning take place, in what and how things are exchanged, in the style of social life enjoyed.

One of the ideas presently most on our minds is the value of secessionary-constructive group actions, in place of merely dissenting or reforming interventions. We think education might be transformed more extensively and intensively by withdrawing energies and time from the institutions of the educational-corporate complex and creating new, participatory socialities around the educative impulse. Simply put, stop wasting your time trying to get more student rights in your current university, or more faculty control there. Start your own teaching and learning process, become an educational community.

We invite you to contact us with any questions about how to set it up, what difficulties you can expect to face, what we have done to promote the courses, and how our finances work. We also invite you to tell us here about your own experiments with truth and education.

We have discovered that if you don't do too much, there is less to get into place before you start. You'll be a going concern within the year. So: check out our list of No!s on the reflections page.

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