Religion And Its Fringes

This will explore the leading theories of religion, and, by extension, investigate the areas that, for whatever reason, do not either 'count' or 'fit' into these theories. Topics will include the Neo-Paganism, 'parody religions', Techno-shamanism, the New-Age, Ontological Anarchism, and Tantra (as well as any other religion you may wish to study). Texts will span from a documentary on Robert Anton Wilson to Talad Asad articles and cover things as diverse as zombie Jesus to methodology to postmodernism. And yes, we will get our 'engrams' read at the Scientology center and get some food with the Hare Krishnas.

Schedule: TBD at course scheduling meeting, September 18
Location: Corvid East
Fees: TBD
Teacher: Christian Greer

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