Radio for Everyday Communication

In Radio, one must obtain and hold a listener’s attention to a point of Reaction causing Interaction. In the best everyday interactions, the same holds true. This course will introduce and enlighten participants to various aspects of Daily Communication and how closely it relates to Radio. We will explore and discuss how this is done, by examining both the verbal and the verbal-visual. We will make use of mock exercises, performing them in the classroom as well as in public, giving students both fundamental practice and hands-on experience. Students will also have time in the radio studio of in Somerville.

Verbal Areas Of Examination

  • Delivery - Participants will write a story of their choice and deliver the message to the rest of the class. This will be done by the person presenting invisibly to an audience. The message will be delivered sight unseen as though one were listing to a radio broadcast.
  • Attitude - Having the proper perspective and information on a subject is important to one’s confidence, thus providing the right frame of mind.
  • Passion - Discussions role-plays and will be held as to how this is important to hold and gain listeners’ interest and attention.
  • Cadence - Discussions and demonstrations using verbal aides to explore this area.
  • Interaction and Reciprocation – Here’s the real stuff, with real people.

Visual Areas

  • Body Movement and Posture - Discussions and visual examples will be explored in and out of the classroom
  • Facial Expressions - Discussions and demonstrations will be made in and out of the classroom.

Participants are highly encouraged to view television talk shows such as Tavis Smily and Charlie Rose on PBS, as well as listen to NPR 90.9 FM WBUR (public broadcasting), and an AM talk Radio program of your choice, to gain a comparison.

Schedule: Classes will meet twice (2) weekly for a two (2) hour period, at a time to be determined allowing for the participants availability. Class begins mid-February, 2011.
Location: Somerville, Ma
Teacher: Darryl Tatum has 25 years of experience in broadcast hosting and technology
Cost: $12 /class hour


Tavis Smiley Show on PBS
Charlie Rose Show

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