Queer Origins

"How have thinkers responded to the question of queer origins? What is at stake in the imagining of such origins? Is it possible to separate the exploration of gay origins from fantasies of gay eradication? (Can you ask where gay people come from without contributing, directly or indirectly, to furthering the fantasy that gay outcomes could one day be avoided?)"

I didn't design this class or write the sentences quoted above; Kevin Ohi, a professor at Boston College did (see K Ohi's complete course description here). The pedagogical method in my version of this class is kleptoparasitism: with a stolen syllabus, we'll put on an imitation course, something between an "artist's rendering" and a "re-enactment of the crime"

We'll read some of the same sexological texts, queer theory, literature, and philosophy Ohi has on his syllabus, and we'll also ask about trans origins.

Method: kleptoparasitism; collective boredom; symposium
Schedule: starts in early February; biweekly; 6 sessions; evenings TBA, probably Mon or Wed
Location: Somerville
Fees: Free, free, free. Donations also gladly accepted; I need certain books, for example.
Teacher: Dylan


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