Psychology and Anarchy

NOTE: Description in progress…

This collaborative study group will explore various connections between anarchism and psychology. There are relatively few anarchist-identified psychologists, but anarchists often make psychological arguments reflecting assumptions about human nature and what kinds of societal structures would best take human needs and values into account. Anarchist theory and practice is especially relevant to the tension, emphasized by psychologists from various traditions, between individuality and community. This tension and other dynamics related to power, competition, and so on, can be seen in arenas as varied as radical psychotherapy alternatives, communal living and polyamory, schooling and unschooling, and direct-action organizing.

As a collaborative study group, our goal might be to create a reading list and other resources for external distribution. We will work together to identify and assess relevant reading materials, from classic and current anarchist writings, social psychology, psychotherapy, and more.

The instructor's academic work, especially on the intersection of psychology, law, and justice, reflects his interest in both critical psychology and anarchist perspectives.

Method/Procedures: collaborative study group
Schedule: instructor preference is to meet one afternoon per week beginning in September, but student needs can be accommodated; contact instructor for further information
Location: Cambridge/Boston/Somerville, MA
Fees: just enough to cover room rental costs, if any - depends on numbers
Teacher: Dennis Fox


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