Programs of study are the reason for the idea and practice of college. Within the Logos Tao Deus structure of Corvid College, the goal is to study at length and in depth. You may enroll in one or both, in sequence or concurrently.

Contact Eric Buck to sign on.

The Core

Logos Tao Deus Program, who show us how, by every means available, to see the world whole. 1-4 years. The program involves both guidance and autonomy, but lectio divina most of all. Daylong conferences once a month.

The Concurrent & Peripheral

Loremastery, 1-4 years

The only form of specialization at Corvid. The majors.

The Questions, 1-4 years.

These autonomous investigations of single questions are from one year to four years in length.

These programs are offered in a discursive gift economy.

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