Planeswalker's Drinking Group


A class covering the theory and practice of planeswalking, mana usage, creature summoning, tapping (and untapping!), and enjoyment of fine foods and wines. Newbies and pros alike; come learn to play or re-learn what you've forgotten. We'll also be making custom proxies in order to have more creative input in the game itself, and move beyond simply being consumers of a corporate product.

Don't let the cost of cards bar you from joining the group. The club has a "card treasury" which is used to provide free decks and free cards to new players.

As a leaderless club, our scheduling system is very direct- once you're on our email thread, feel free to propose a time and place to meetup, whenever you feel like playing!

The course has already begun! Contact moc.liamg|11cataes#moc.liamg|11cataes if you're interested.


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