Oral Messages

"The printing press has made poetry too silent. I want it to be heard, to have the direct impact of speech." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

This course will take a look at Ferlinghetti's Coney Island of the Mind and mostly consist of reading poetry aloud. We will start with this piece of work and then take it in whatever direction the class warrants.

I will provide a cd of Ferlinghetti reading these poems (some with jazz accompaniment) for whoever may want one and I have a copy of the book that can be shared when the group meets together. I plan on meeting once a week, preferably on weekends/Fridays but am flexible. The course will last as long as people want it too and will be free unless unforeseeable expenses come up. If students have other writers they prefer we can take it as it comes.

note: I have no formal experience reading or writing poetry and this is really just an excuse to get together hang out and read some poetry. Please email me if you are interested at moc.liamg|31cbdyrrej#moc.liamg|31cbdyrrej

When:Starting early September

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