Odd Couples

Great Books in Debate at Corvid College

This course meets twice a week, either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.
Each meeting runs two hours.
The first meeting covers an old classic, read with an eye on the past.
The second meeting covers a responding classic, with strong differences and therefore important relations. Usually this work has a whiff of dissent about it. It is read with one eye on the past and one eye on the present.
The course takes as its primary teacher the written work itself.1
Each class meeting is a seminar and the human teacher serves as a provocateur of conversation about the ideas of the book. There is an ethics of seminars that requires that students surrender to the text and to the act of reading, that they eliminate distractions and give their first and best attention to the work of understanding. Class time will often be playful, but the best sort of play, the play that leads to learning, is predicated on the precedent work.
Class size is limited to ten students and one interrogator.

Cost: initial proposal of $12/class hour, with group discounts, barter, and sliding scales possible
Location: Lorem Ipsum Books
Schedule: tbd
Teacher: Eric Buck

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