Nonviolence Reading Group: Theories and Principles

Nonviolent tactics, strategies and campaigns are now standard among the American Left. However, often nonviolence is chosen for pragmatic and strategic reasons rather than for the principled reasons that the great practitioners and theorists of nonviolence advocated. The purpose of this reading group is for people to read, study, reflect and engage in dialogue on the theories and principles of nonviolence in order to better understand the movements and struggles of today and their potential.

Structure of the group:
The group is open to anyone, as we intend to discuss our readings through email and conference phone calls. The group is currently planned to only meet over the month of January. We will strive to make the reading group egalitarian, recognizing that other commitments will limit some member's time to commit to the reading group. The selected readings will be made available by sharing scanned copies of texts. The exact readings of the group have not yet been determined, as they are subject to change by the group. Currently we are planning to look at Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Gene Sharp and selections of other nonviolent traditions.

Organizers: Tristan Husby and Allison Palm

To join the group, contact Allison at moc.liamg|illamlap#moc.liamg|illamlap or use the link below


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