Non Traditional Music Concepts

This course will explore the alternate methods of musical performance and composition outside of the Western tradition. The focus will be on the methods and characteristics of non-tonal instrument design, sound production, and composition in an effort to understand how they may be applied to or recreated with everyday materials or devices. The course will also present a survey of performer/composers who operate/d outside of the traditional musical paradigms of their time. We will examine their methods and their line of thought.

Students will be encouraged to write their own compositions using devices of their design. In addition, there will be an introduction to basic recording principles for the purpose of documenting a student's work and utilizing the parameters of their recording method to their advantage. Several affordable options will be presented and 1 on 1 guidance will be available.

Topics will include instrument design and performance, the physics of sound production, recording basics, microphone usage, affordable recording options, composition methods, sampling, computer music, acoustics, outsider music, and free improvisation, among many others.
Schedule: Weekly. To be determined.
Cost: Very affordable. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Location: Allston
Teachers: Andrew Morehart and Bradley Will

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