Summer Writing Workshop

In celebration of this idea of our endless summer,

We would like to extend an invitation to fellow dreamers and
breathers in a project that we've had kicking around in the back of our
heads for quite some time now.
Ours is a community of endless creative depths and we would love to
bring our disparate elements together to share the thing that we do and
love, which happens to be writing. We want to organize a group of
individuals who have some interest in writing, whether it be fiction
or poetry or grocery lists. We want to lead a series of
workshops wherein we all can share our passions with each other and
grow from the dual processes of reading and having been read. The
culmination of this, as we see it now, will be a zine comprised of, and
composed in a communion of friendship, propelled to greater heights by
means of a simple theme of our own manufacture. We've talked to the
kind folks from Lorem Ipsum and they've agreed to host this rogue's
gallery of curatorial adepts, determined to stare back.
Please, if at all interested joining the ranks, raise high your voice
and be counted.
Led by Mitchell Broesder & Peter M. Loftus.

Tuesday evenings from 6-8 PM.

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