Metaphysics Of Anarchy: Life is process

This is a philosophy. Working from the primitive but advanced texts of Daoism, we begin an exploration of the concept of process, taking it as the basis of reality. We assume that a coherent anarchy depends on a metaphysics that is processual, not one that is static or substantial. But what is process? What is change? What changes? Who changes?

  1. Ancient process philosophy: Heraclitus, Yijing/I Ching, Daoism, Eihei Dogen,
  2. Modern Process Philosophy: Bergson, Dewey (via McDermott), A.N. Whitehead (via Sherburne and Hall)
  3. Recent Process Philosophy: David Hall, Ted Schatzki, Capra

Outings and Individual Researches
We will be gathering experiences and data to employ as cases of process metaphysics.

Teacher: Eric Buck
Schedule: TBD by email
Location: Union Square in Somerville
Fees: Negotiable (including barter), but $12/hour of class meeting per student will be my opening proposal.

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