Mark Duhaime

Oh hi,

I'm offering courses through Corvid because I want to share the things that I cannot help but think about. I have a master's in teaching, and I'm supposed to be a high school English teacher, but I'm currently working at a school for students with special needs, helping develop a social pragmatics program that uses music, drama, and audio/video engineering. I want Corvid to be an intellectual playground in which I can teach and learn what I have always wanted to, and my classes will be as out of the classroom and as cross-curricular as possible, something I have always tended towards in my own teaching. I can also be found biking through all four seasons, though I'm currently coming to grips with my recently purchased car, which I had to buy for my job.

Contact me with any questions or ideas at moc.liamg|qse.emiahud#moc.liamg|qse.emiahud

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