Maida Tilchen

Hi, I just finished Eric Buck and Mike Beach's wonderful course on "Mechanics Engineers Steampunks Tinkers." Putting together a "Dream Machine" and other tasks for that course has me wanting to learn a methodical design process. What are engineers and architects and fashion designers etc. taught?

For the last few years, my favorite magazines have been Make, Craft, and Popular Science. I've been so excited by the Maker and Do-It-Yourself movement, and I'm so grateful to Eric and Mike's class for letting me move from reading about it to doing it.

I'm especially hoping women will join this reading group, because I know that my socialization as a woman has inhibited me from seeing myself as a "maker" or "tinkerer." In an effort to change that, I've been learning the craft of paper engineering (papercutting, paper toys that move, popups, etc.) Making things makes me want to learn more about how to do my own designs.

I have an M.S.Ed. in educational technology, and I have done a lot of jobs involving writing, research, books, media, and mediated instruction. I wrote and had published an historical novel called "Land Beyond Maps" which you can read about at

You can contact me at moc.liamtoh|litadiam#moc.liamtoh|litadiam Please put CORVID in your subject line, thanks.


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