Looking At The Sacco Vanzetti Case: The Uses And Meaning Of History For Anarchists

The course will be run as a symposium; that is, a discussion around a table.

First meeting is Sept ___, 6:30pm at the Democracy Center (45 Mnt Auburn
St, Cambridge Mass.) First course meeting will determine the rest of the
course schedule.

The course will run
(1) every other week for 6 meetings
(2) for 10-12 weekly meetings.

The first option will be for a group which will want to do more reading;
the second will be for a group which wants more discussion. Choice to be
made at first meeting.

Class meetings 2 hours.
Class size minimum 5, maximum 10.
First meeting, TBA
Cost, A $10 donation per registrant is requested to cover costs of xeroxes and
beverages (no one will be turned away for lack of money.)
Moderator, Bob D'Attilio of the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society.
For more info, Bob D'Attilio

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