Logos Tao Deus

Calling All Philosophical Mystics.

This is not a course per se. It is a program. It is a studio being held in the Library of the One. It requires an interview. It requires long-term commitment and a feel for slow study. It requires an ability to see the Whole, or a desire to do so. Here you’ll study the world philosophically, but your texts cross all disciplines, and are complemented by the phenomena of earth and sky.

Each week’s gathering is a medley of study. There is individual work outside of the studio, individual work in the studio, and gathered work in the studio. The teacher questions, in-structs, in-forms, and directs reading. In other words, the teacher pursues the truest anarchy. Students track the One and the ones (essences, ideas, patterns), and record their passage in riddles and strictures, catalogs of patterns in history and nature. In other words students play the scholar and become students in the truest sense.

This studio is eternal: it will be offered continuously and embrace every discipline that points to or discloses the being of Eternity, the One Alone. In varying terms (Tao, Brahman, Nature, Eternity, God, the Divine, the Absolute, the Unmoved Mover, the First Cause, the Self-Caused, the Cosmos) we undertake to invest ourselves with membership in it, as all good mystics have done. We study the One and the ones. It is a program of study whose outcomes are spiritual and intellectual, and not professional. It is a model for desirable changes in Corvid College’s culture. It is the only place in Boston to study philosophy at its best.

Beginning as soon as student enroll, the studio meets every Thursday morning from 9-noon in Somerville’s Union Square.

The cost will be a topic of discussion and negotiation in the interview.

Should you wish to conduct a long-term study of the Eternal and all its aspects and modes, if you wish to learn history and science and recognize beauty, contact Eric at gro.egellocdivroc|kcube#gro.egellocdivroc|kcube for an interview.

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