Territory, Nests, Roosts and Perches

Our territory

is the Boston metro area, concentrated particularly in Somerville, Cambridge and Boston. For now, this is our campus.


Some course sites are frequently used and we have formed a partnership of sorts with the owner. We call these nests. We do not own these places, but care well for them.


Some meeting places for courses are used only a term at a time, without a regular arrangement. Call these roosts. They also need care and scheduling is done on an as-needed basis with the owner.


Corvids being highly social, we have a number of perches in the region, and these vary not only by course but by class meeting. Libraries, street corners, parks, abandoned buildings, living rooms, coffee shops, theaters, malls, observation decks, gardens, community center—wherever we have a view of some aspect of social life or can engage our city and one another in play.

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