Living Without Employment

One aspect of Corvid collegials' vision of education and social life is that students who move through Corvid will be equipped to live meaningful lives in communities without resorting to laboring for someone else, drawing a paycheck, and submitting to annual reviews and capricious managers. More comprehensively, the organizers of Corvid envision a social context in which there are no employers, only cooperators, artists, DIYers, and all manner of social innovators.

To that end, we invite anyone who is interested in pursuing such a vision, who wants to equip themselves with the tools necessary to achieving that life alone or with others, to join a series of talks by those who successfully and contentedly live without employment. Corvid teachers will be joined by engineers, artists, musicians, members of worker-cooperatives, one-person businesses, self-sufficient farmers, independent contractors, and others to point out ways to that new land.

Organizer: Eric Buck
Dates: Thursday evenings, from 6:30-8:30 pm
Fees: FREE!
Location: Community Change, 14 Beacon Street, Rm 605, Boston


Sep 30 - Eric Buck - college founder
Oct 7
14 - Thom Satterlee - writer (recovering professor)
21 - Brian O'Connell - Equal Exchange
28 - Mike Beach - engineer, collective gardener
Nov 4 - Dan Blakeslee - musician, artist, Mainiac
11 - no presentation - Corvid College Connects lecture
18 - Tony Berriola - master barber, owner of Razors Barbershop Lounge
25 - no presentation
Dec 2 - Gui Cavalcanti - founder, owner of Artisan's Asylum
9 - no presentation - Corvid College Connects lecture
16 - Jim Johnson - cooperator, computer programmer

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