Let's Talk About Black Holes

This will be an informal discussion about cosmology and the nature of matter in the universe. I know a fair bit of interesting stuff about the subject, and I encourage anyone else who knows anything to share.
Good scientists believe what they see, not what they're told. Participants in the class will do research into the subjects at hand, with an eye toward learning how to do research in any area.
Subjects for discussion should include black holes, of course, as well as planets, stars, galaxies, gravity, nebulae, quasars, neutron stars, pulsars, the big bang, cosmic expansion, dark matter and energy, and dwarf stars of various colors.

Day, date and time: 8-9pm Sunday October 10, 17, 24, and November 7
Location: MIT Student Center 4th floor lounge, Cambridge
Cost: None
Teacher: David Kellerman

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