Lenni Armstrong

I affectionately think of my path through life as my "zig-zag" career: zigging and zagging between science and art. My zig-zags have taken me through portraiture, silversmithing, biomedical and neuroscience lab research, super-8 animation, computer animation, computer interactive design, scientific visualization, data visualization, earth science, geology, climate science and now biomimicry, nanotechnology, and bicycle helmet design.

As a visual learner, I revel in satisfying my curiosity about the world around me through the process of finding and creating imagery and interactives. My goal is to design visualizations that make learning faster, more intuitive and more fun for other curious seekers who want to understand earth processes.

I'm keen on exploring ways in which humanity can become a positive force in shaping and serving the ecosystems and biodiversity of which we are a part. I'm excited about the potential for learning about design from plants and critters that have been around much longer than us humans have.

My vision is that the Biomimicry Blitz class will plant the seeds to grow a local biomimicry learning community that will discover sustainable solutions to transform urban living.

My vision for the Helluva Helmet! class is to elevate the image with urban bicycling by creating associations with fun, visual flair and creativity. And, of course, to promote clean energy urban transportation.

Email me to sign up at informmotion(at)comcast.net.

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