Learning The Rules So We Can Break Them

Let us meet as curious musicians of all styles, trainings, and instruments to share with each other what we know about the elusive "music theory". For some, it's a source of anxiety and loathing, and for others excitement and nerdery. We will meet and discuss what we know about it all, help each other fill the gaps in our understanding, and most importantly, play together.

This is an opportunity to formally pool our understanding of music theory. We can decide on time signatures, scales, chord progressions, modes, and explore those within a class meeting. We will also cover the mathematics of music theory: timbre, resonance, natural frequency, why notes fit within an octave, etc.

I have a few leads on locations we can use, and if anyone has ideas for spaces where we can be a little loud sometimes, do let me know.

Email me at moc.liamg|qse.emiahud#moc.liamg|qse.emiahud for any questions, to express interest, or to enroll.

Gatherer and Guide: Mark Duhaime
Place: The Burrow, a lovely collective house
Time: Every Thursday night at 7

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