Know Your Rights

Contrary to what the 1982 Clash song "Know Your Rights" stated, you do have more then 3 rights. A couple anyway.

Do you know what to do if pulled over in your car by a cop? What to do if the Man is at your front door? What the hell is happening when they are groping me during a Terry Pat?

Other questions that will be answered

"You mean, I should use blinds on my windows?" "I've never been to jail, now what?"

This class will be taught by individuals from the Boston Anarchist Black Cross. The ABC is a prisoner support group. We send out literature to prisoners, do support work for political prisoners, and do "Know Your Rights training" for the public.

Method: Lecture, possible role playing.
Schedule: To be determined by class
Location: Boston
Fees: Free. Donations also gladly accepted, it helps to pay for stamps and envelopes, etc.
Teacher: Adrienne and Jason

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